Play with Data and Create Your Own Maps
Turn your open geospatial data into insights and easy-to-read, visually appealing maps. Help your city or business solve transport related challenges by applying innovative insights and co-creating new services together with developers, data providers and community representatives. For more information please visit our project website.


New data driven policy initiative advances OTN analytics

From November 2017, OTN community is now known as PoliVisu. The initiative still helps cities to use open, geo and big data to transform mobility services, but now focuses directly on the policy-making aspect. In a nutshell, PoliVisu enhances public involvement and support in urban policy making, by equipping decision makers with the skills and tools - from open (geo) data processing to advanced visualisations - to use big data for collaborative policy experimentation. As a result, cities can makes better sustainable policy decisions and manage operations more effectively. Visit PoliVisu


Open Data

Explore Open Data harvested and harmonised by the City Hubs. Whether you're a citizen, business owner, city administrator or developer, the site provides over 100 datasets to help you understand the city and develop solutions to transport related problems.



Discover what you can do with data in just a few clicks. OTN makes it easy for you to create your own map that can be easily used and embedded in your own websites. With OTN you can take more informed and cost-effective management decisions.
No technical experience needed!



Our collaborative virtual data hubs provide tools including easier APIs and GUI for accessing and analysing data to help you derive accurate insights for creating new services and applications .



Open Transport Net supports city hubs that share all advantages of being an OTN city partner. Click the link below and see if your city is in the list of city partners!


Below you can find examples of map compositions developed with the OpenTransportNet tools. Click to view the gallery and links to already created maps.
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